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01/01/2020 00:00:00 (GMT+8)
2021-08-01 Bet Now Payout Table
1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
---- ---- ----
Special Prize
---- ---- ----
---- ---- ----
---- ---- ----
Consolation Prize
---- ---- ----
---- ---- ----
---- ---- ----
Payout Table
GD Lottery

Prize money for Big Forecast

1st Prize 2,625.00
2nd Prize 1,050.00
3rd Prize 525.00
Special Prize 210.00
Consolation Prize 63.00

Prize money for Small Forecast

1st Prize 3,675.00
2nd Prize 2,100.00
3rd Prize 1,050.00

Prize money for 4A - 4F

As shown in the table below, with every 1 bet.

1st Prize 6,300.00
2nd Prize 6,300.00
3rd Prize 6,300.00
Special Prize 630.00
Consolation Prize 630.00
4F Prize 2,100.00

Prize money for 3D

1st Prize 262.50
2nd Prize 220.50
3rd Prize 157.50
3A Prize 693.00

Prize money for 6D

1st Prize 150,000.00
2nd Prize 5,000.00
3rd Prize 500.00
4th Prize 50.00
5th Prize 5.00

Grand Dragon Lottery or also known as GD Lotto is one of the foremost providers in lottery gaming. Based in Cambodia, it is renowned for its transparency in providing the best gaming service to its customers.

InfiniWin will be showing the result of every lottery result through the website but every lottery is streamed on Facebook Live to ensure no cheating or manipulating.

They are truly a pioneer in the lottery niche, and it is easy to see why it is loved by many players around South East Asia.

There are four different games that you can play at GD Lotto and all of these is available in InfiniWin. For every MYR 1 that you spend on a number, you can get from MYR 60 and up to MYR 6,000!

Just imagine the multipliers of that MYR 1 investment! Despite the huge prize, it is unwise to spend so much money on 4D alone.

You should gamble responsibly and only spend as much as you can afford to. In Cambodia, playing 4D is considered as a pastime and not as a main income. Just choose some numbers, pray for lady luck and who knows; you might become the next winner! Some people might be having doubts to trust GD Lotto.

This is because there are not many gaming companies from Cambodia with a good track record. Most just disappear after a while and some are incapable of continuing operations.

This is not the case for GD Lotto. They started by getting the license to operate gaming tables and other online gaming activities legally.

All their gaming activities are also transparent to the public as they have nothing to hide. GD Lotto is surely becoming a great place to play lottery and number forecast in the region.The demand for better and more secure online gaming has been increasing every year.

The high rollers will not want to spend their money on a gaming platform with no proven track record. With the collaboration between GD Lotto and InfiniWin, this demand will surely be fulfilled. What makes this possible is because GD Lotto has now established local teams in other countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

They are serious in doing their business and you can be assured that your money and earnings will be in good hands.

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